Bette Midler Tweets Some Hamas PR for Them


Bette Midler blamed the deaths of 52 terrorists and their human shields on President Trump. Yesterday, during the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Hamas organized riots with terrorists using their family as shields. Most of the dead were Hamas.

Bette Midler decided to do some propaganda for Hamas in a tweet. She also blamed the President for the terror groups’ actions.

Shouldn’t we be asking her, “Don’t you get it, blankety blank?”



One leftist White House reporter asked the spokesperson if Israelis shouldn’t shoulder some of the blame since only Palestinians [terrorists mind you] were killed. In other words, if Israelis don’t get killed, aren’t they guilty?


That is the logic the U.N. uses all the time. They believe that if Israelis are successful when they are attacked, they are guilty. They also believe dead Israeli soldiers don’t count.

The Palestinian/Hamas terrorists dug tunnels into Israel in the summer of 2014 in an attempt to launch a disastrous attack against them. They repeatedly bombed Israel. They have been bombing Israel. Israel retaliated but placed calls and sent emails and texts to the Palestinians warning them about impending attacks from the Israelis. It didn’t matter to the U.N.

The U.N. wanted to drag the Israeli soldiers before the Hague. John Kerry threatened Israel, telling them to cede land without any promises from the Palestinians.

At the time, Ken Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, linked to a sketchy NY Times article and tweeted, “Tunnels used to attack or capture civilians is a rights violation. Tunnels used to attack or capture soldiers isn’t”.

The Obama administration sided with the U.N. at the time.

It’s blatant antiSemitism and the media, the celebrities are doing the terrorist network’s propaganda for them.  Hamas is a terror group according to the United States government.



  1. This is from the same leftists ideologues that accused the IDF of being racists simply because they weren’t “raping” Arab women.

    It was revealed a number of years ago that any media in Gaza have to coordinate with Hamas and be approved, otherwise they would be removed from the territory. It is “collusion” with terrorists, not unlike CNN during the Iraq War, when they allowed a murder plot to succeed by Saddam Hussein. Saddam said he would welcome back someone from his inner circle and CNN “knew” he would be murdered. CNN actually admitted they would lose access if they ratted on him. This same access is what Hamas relies on in reporting on Gaza.

    From all indications in media reports one would assume Gaza is literally a hell-hole in every respect. I suggest people do a search for Gaza opening another New Luxury Mall. Who has reported on the many “millionaires” in Gaza, currently around 1700, among a population around a few million. Does Anyone see all the “luxury cars” in Gaza in any news programs. Many of the people are ‘subjugated’ in the same way as in Judea and Samaria. There are constant complaints of “settlers” and “settlements” which are primarily construction type mobile homes with no typical city services. Others aren’t much more than a type of Jewish “sukkah”. Has anyone shown the very many Arab “Mansions”. I doubt ANY of this has EVER made it to ANY news outlet.

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