Bette Midler’s ‘uncontrollable rage’ that Trump ‘will get away with his crimes’


The far-left Democrats are the Democrat Party today. Education, the entertainment industry, the media, and social media are controlled by the far-left Democrats who think traditional Americans are living in an imagined reality, consumed by the “fake news” of the so-called “far right”. The truth is they are the ones who live in the “shared reality.”

If you doubt the existence of their fake news, you only have to look at the pushback by them over the Mueller report. After two-plus years of an intense investigation, the left has decided the report is the fake reality.

They want the entire report and if they don’t get every word, they will scream cover-up.

Instead of an apology or a kind word, Speaker Pelosi posted a nasty comment with a video clip of the President addressing release of the report.

Sheldon Whitehouse, who wants to imprison climate doubters, doesn’t think the report was “sufficiently expansive.” The report included 19 investigative lawyers, 40 agents, 2800 subpoenas, contact with 13 foreign governments, interviews of 500 witnesses, and it cost over $25 million over 625 days. But, for Whitehouse, it’s not expansive enough.

Brian Stelter is calling what he has done for the past two years, ‘reporting’. He tweeted, “There’s been so much solid reporting about the Trump-Russia mystery, but the media ecosystem tends to reward speculation over straight news. Are there ways to change this?”

The speculation he is likely referring to is the right wanting to find out who else might be behind the false collusion/obstruction story. Anyone dare not touch Barack Obama or his top lieutenants. They won’t allow it.


Hollywood provides a good picture of the thinking by the left. They are gaslighting the right, but sometimes, they actually believe the hard-left ideology. Take actress-singer Bette Midler.

Bette Midler says we’ve been forced through war. The left does see us at war. They’ve quietly pushed for the complete takeover by the left and they almost had it — but then Donald Trump won. She tweeted that they are “sick at heart” because Trump “will get away with his crimes.” Mind you, he was just cleared of crimes. She tweets “sick from uncontrollable rage” that Trump will “get away” with it:

has forced us to live through war as a nation for the last two years; he has caused depression, despair, confusion and death. We’re not just sick at heart, but literally sick from him; from uncontrollable rage at the thought that he will get away with his crimes.

Their reality is the only truth in their minds.

This has been a result of a deliberate attack on that shared reality by the media of the far right, often using ‘fake news’ as purveyed by the most powerful man in the world,” Midler writes.

With astonishing speed we have moved from a situation in which citizens of democratic societies shared a consistent view of the political realities of their society to one where disinformation is the order of the day, she continued.

She did what many have done since Sunday — demonize the honorable Bill Barr.

And the usual, the demonization of Bill Barr because he dared not give the hungry, fiendish left what they want — Trump’s head on a silver platter. Who died and made Bill Barr king?? Did he read the whole report in two days?? Oh, please. Let Americans make determinations on their own. Mr. Barr, who intimated he would protect , seems to be doing what everyone feared he would before he was confirmed. HE’S TRUMP’S GUY!

As an aside, she is also tweeting anti-capitalist beliefs by the self-described communist Naomi Klein, who has said her goal is to see the USA abandon capitalism. Ironically, the woman who made a fortune off capitalism and who thinks the right is all far right, believes she is living in the one and only reality.


Glenn Greenwald is a left-wing reporter and he says every left-wing skeptic was banned from the media platforms. So, remind me, whose reality is the real one?

The left is not a bit sorry for what they have done. They are doubling down and won’t stop until they destroy Trump, his agenda, and his followers. They are at war with a populace who didn’t know they were at war.

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