Beware the Anti-Capitalists’ War on Airlines


Don’t be too quick to fall for the leftist fairy tales, including the myths being attached to anti-airline stories filling the airwaves of late. Media conglomerates want to make money and politicians want to get votes which is a poisonous mixture if you’re looking for the truth. The stories being played up are isolated incidents and some are misrepresentations.

While there might be a need for improved customer service, the left has grabbed on to the latest handful of horror stories as part of an anti-Capitalist mission to put down the “profit-making” airlines. The seats are too close, they charge for carry-ons, the tickets are too expensive, there are delays, stewardesses are nasty, and so the stories go.

Keep in mind that the leftists hate any company that makes a profit, but, in fact, airlines don’t make much of a profit. They only make $164 for every $16,400 they spend. They have to sell a lot of seats to make money and only make money on a few.

Nevertheless, you will hear how the regulation-happy politicians need to reign them in. Bernie Sanders has hinted that he would like to see a government takeover. You will hear people demand seats be left vacant and the politicians will go along with that no matter what.

This is why we have $20 trillion in debt. It’s a simple math problem.

No one is advocating for passengers being dragged off planes bloody and dazed, but corrupt politicians cashing in and promoting lies with their allies in the media need to come with warning notices.

The media likes to show ads and promos like this next one from 1959 to show how the airlines have degenerated. This, however, isn’t exactly today’s reality.  Just watch a couple minutes where they talk about the spacious seating because that’s one of the things the politicians want to regulate under threat of a government seizure of airlines as a necessary service.

As far as baggage, the mafia controlled the baggage terminal in the 60s and ripped off customers all the time. People didn’t always get their belongings back.

In 1959, it cost $231 to fly coast to coast on American Airlines. In today’s dollars, that would be about $1800. Today, it costs $586 on American for the same trip. The fares today are only about 33% or one-third of what they were in those days. If you are willing to pay $1800 for better seating, you still can, fly first class. You can also fly a no-name airline or get a last minute fare but we are comparing apples to apples.

Some things had to be given up for cheap fares today. We don’t eat on china and we usually pay if we want more than a snack and a coke, but we have safer planes and better-trained pilots. We have the occasional dope who handles customer service badly but it’s a small price to pay and you can choose to fly another airline next time. If they all become government airlines, there will be no choice.

The same thing is going on in the EU. They see airlines as an ATM and, when they need money, they go after them with taxes.

The media promotes anything that jives with their narrative and they tend to side with favored politicians. It’s not always the truth.

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