Beware! Leftists Now Disguise Marxist Socialism as the Sharing Economy


Marxist Socialism has a new name in Canada. It’s the “Sharing Economy”, as Armstrong economics pointed out a few days ago. Many in the West now believe the government is entitled to their money. The State is in charge of your money, not you, and they decide how much you will get back.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed that as their overriding principle. They posted a notice reminding Canadians of their tax obligations in the collective.

“The sharing economy is a technologically fuelled way to consume and access property and services,” the CRA said. “In this economy, communities pool, loan, and share their resources through networks of trust.”

Sharing in the economy includes: accommodation sharing, ride sharing, music and video streaming, online staffing, and peer/crowd funding.

Canadians must report all income earned through any of these activities so they can be taxed and if they don’t, the bureaucracy says they will face “fines, penalties, or even jail time.”

“If you underreport or do not report your sales or income, you are participating in the underground economy and this could result in serious consequences. If you get caught evading tax, you may face fines, penalties, or even jail time, in addition to paying the taxes owing on unreported amounts,” warns the CRA.

This attitude is becoming pervasive in the United States, only Americans want to keep what they earn and also get their freebies. Currently, 47% of the population pay nothing in federal taxes. They have no stake in how the money is spent but benefit from the freebies. Income inequality, subsidies, human rights, political correctness, open borders, a living Constitution, judges who legislate, and social justice are all Marxist ideals that are now an accepted part of our culture.

The sharing economy is promoted by Socialists and Communists throughout the West to trick the populace. They can’t sell their policies and have to disguise what they are really doing. At, the sharing economy is defined as “a socio-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources.” It’s nothing more or less than the collective.

They claim it’s in it’s infancy when they know full well it’s neo-communism.

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