Beware the School to Socialist USA Pipeline, Controlling the Peons


It isn’t the school to prison pipeline we should be concerned about, it is the school to Socialist USA pipeline. Schools are weaponized. Youth are not only being brainwashed, they are being pushed into radical community organizing on behalf of Marxist values. They get extra credit and time off for it!

The State is replacing religion and morals with redistribution, identity politics, open borders, political correctness, and immorality. Radical values are now part of the U.S. lexicon and they are accepted as normal.

Bernie Sanders is not alone in fighting his Communist revolution. The entire Democrat Party welcomes it. Currently, it is President Trump who stands in their way.

When Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School yesterday, she was met with angry left-wing youth. She was forced to leave early and was later vilified for even going to the school. Such is the power of the left. Historically, when nations were being taken over by statism, youth are used, and, as in all Marxist takeovers, identity politics has been weaponized.

Democrats should be called the Socialist Party because they have bought into the agenda and the methods to achieve it. They have sided with the most extreme elements of their party, the very same people who have infiltrated the schools.

Never forget Nicholas Christakis:

Schools, even those servicing children as young as preschool, are indoctrinating them. If this can’t be stopped, the USA doesn’t have a chance.

All of our institutions have been under siege for decades and schools are now training centers for the future Socialist army.  It is Barack Obama’s legacy.



This battle is not on the beaches of Normandy but it is just as historic. We are at war. There is a war against America, the Constitution, our values, and the free market.

We are battling the ideology of control. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about fascism, socialism, or communism, it is always about control.

Obama began his presidency with a war on the Fox News channel and the largest wealth redistribution in US history – socialized medicine. That is what Obamacare and the climate change revolution is about…and the women’s marches, and anti-gun tirades, and the shutting down of free speech.

The lies, corruption, hypocrisy, militancy, targeting of opponents are all part of our future tinpot dictatorship.

There was nothing normal about the Obama presidency. This was a completely different ball of wax. He is not a Democrat, or a leftist, or even a radical, he is a revolutionary.

Nothing is superficial and he is not incompetent. This is the opposite. Leftists know what they are doing, the timeline might not be working out, but everything that is happening is the logical consequence of a sick ideology.

We are experiencing Orwellian horrors under totalitarian control.

Leftists are focused on the bigger picture. They are zeroing in on the fundamental transformation of the country.

The Obama transformation

We had 8 years of evidence that what Obama meant by transforming the country was taking the country away from individual liberty and economic freedom to government dependency and to the welfare state and to do it with speed.

He had undertaken the first steps of the grand project to grow government as fast as possible, lock people into dependency, open our borders to the poor and dependent, so there is an endless feedback loop for a permanent Democrat majority.

As soon as Mr. Obama came into office, he attacked the four pillars of capitalism – industry, finance, healthcare, and energy. Attacking these undermines US capitalism and it will follow, the consequent undermining of global capitalism.

Mr. Obama focused on healthcare after the distraction of the Stimulus when no one saw an immediate or urgent need to address healthcare. The reason he did it was because the history of any regime under the ideology of control dictates that the first thing to seize is the healthcare system. It is the crown jewel of the welfare state, the biggest lever to affect fundamental change. If they control your healthcare, they control you.

The next step in his plan was to argue that we need to grow the people who are eligible for subsidies until we effectively have single payer.

The great economist Walter E. Williams wrote:

Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not just laws and government regulations, are what make for a civilized society, not restraints on inanimate objects.

These behavioral norms — transmitted by example, word of mouth and religious teachings — represent a body of wisdom distilled through ages of experience, trial and error, and looking at what works. The benefit of having customs, traditions and moral values as a means of regulating behavior is that people behave themselves even if nobody’s watching. In other words, it’s morality that is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior.

Moral standards and codes of behavior have been under siege for decades and most often it’s the government education establishment and progressives who are the aggressors. They reject all absolutes and moral limits, Williams believes.

What still stands between the rule of law and the Progressives are law enforcement and the criminal justice system. They are “the last desperate line of defense” in a society under assault, Williams added.

The left is destroying our justice system by legislating from the bench, breaking laws they don’t like, and declaring war on the police.

It’s not only moral standards, law enforcement, and our belief in God under assault, it’s our belief in the United States and the liberty this nation stands for or did stand for.


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