Beware the Far-Left! Leftist Candidate Wins Primary in Red Nebraska


Nebraska Democrats in the 2nd congressional just voted for a far-left candidate over a top Democrat. The Primary ended in a win for Kara Eastman over Brad Ashford, the preferred establishment choice.

She is as far-left as Bernie and has a similar platform. Her win comes as a surprise.


The party electorate is either looking to go further left or just looking outside the establishment.

Progressives are bragging that she is a win for the far-left agenda and they could be right. They say it is the beginning of the Progressive wave. writes: And she tapped into a growing wave of voters who want to push the Democratic party to the left and elect more women.

“Kara Eastman showed the DCCC that far-left progressives are in full control of the party, and they are just along for the ride,” National Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Jesse Hunt said to NBC News. “Single-payer health care is Eastman’s most passionate issue, and her values are a better fit for Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco than Nebraska.”

Eastman promises tO push for a single payer “Medicare for all” approach to health care, a swift minimum wage hike to $15 an hour and higher corporate tax rates. reports.

“People need health care,” she said. “They deserve health care. Income inequality is outrageous and we need to address it because there’s far too many people living in poverty and struggling.”

The pro-abortion, freebie-loving Democrat will go up against Republican Rep. Don Beacon on November 6.

The party has chosen this direction for several years, even when they lost elections. It appears they will never go back to moderation.

The Progressive wave

Top Democrats like Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Bernie Sanders, and slews of others have been pushing the Democrat Party further and further left towards the far-left Progressives.

Progressives are touting the upcoming Progressive wave. Let’s hope that isn’t where the country is now. Decades of Communists and Socialists teaching in college has done its damage.

Democrats have embraced the hard-left. As most now realize, Progressives are not liberal, they embrace Communists, Socialists, and whatever else the control freaks call themselves these days.

If this November election is a big win for the far-left candidates, it could turn the country permanently. Once these hard-left candidates get in and buy popularity with tax dollars, there’s no going back. It is what happened in my home state of New York.

The Soros-Clinton-Brock machine is funding the furthest left candidates in races in red states and swing states primarily. Many look normal and came from the military, CIA and other normally conservative occupations. But they are actually revolutionaries turning the country. They just don’t dress the part any longer.

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