Beyonce, “Blackest” Hard Left Woman “In Amerikka”


beyonce's dancers

If you hoped to watch the Superbowl without the stress of politics, you were wrong. The halftime show was politicized by Beyonce. This isn’t a one shot deal. Beyonce’s tribute to the hate group Black Lives Matter is a matter of furthering the movement.

During the Super Bowl, this hard core leftist woman saluted Black Power as in the Black Panthers, formed an X for Malcolm X, and made references to BlackLivesMatter.

In case you are wondering about the message being sent by Beyonce’s new song, Formation, check out the tweets below from activist black writer Jamilah King who calls Beyonce the “blackest woman in Amerikka right now.”

These people are hard-left, “Amerikka”.

The Beyonce dancers paid tribute to Mario Woods at the Superbowl. A video of him being shot by several police as he repeatedly refused to put his knife down and then began walking away has gone viral. It is one case and police are highly vigilant. We also don’t know how it looked to the police who shot Mr. Woods. If the police are wrong, they will be punished.

What BlackLivesMatter and other communist hate groups are doing is using every individual case, making them into a nationwide crisis and then demanding the hard core leftist changes they want.

Beyonce is extremely popular. When she announced her next tour, her site crashed. She is making herself into a voice for the leftist black movement.

Michelle Obama mentioned the halftime yesterday during the puff interview where she and her husband injected themselves into the Superbowl. It’s interesting.

There is a serious effort being made to badly undermine our police and our traditions. They will use anything, say anything, use anyone to bring us all towards the hard left.

The dancers paid homage to Mario Woods who was not a good guy but who was shot multiple times after refusing to drop a knife and walking away from police. There is an investigation and there needs to be one. Imagine if such scrutiny were brought to bear in the cases of black on white crime and potential crimes.

This is nothing but divisive, turning blacks against whites to further the ideology of the hard left.

beyonce's dancers
Beyonce’s dancers after the game

Queenbyonce and her dancers

Beyonce3 beyonce4 beyonce6

More below.

Barack, Michelle, Beyonce Inject Themselves Into the SuperBowl



  1. Why I have given up on TV. It’s little more than constant indoctrination and commercials.

    I just subscribed to Hulu. Found the old series “Peter Gunn”. It was set in the late 1950’s. Half hour shows. Entire show lasts 25+ minutes commercial free. Thus, only about 4-41/2 minutes for commercials.

    They’ve just about quadrupled the time for commercials today, and that’s not taking into account the products and ‘messages’ viewed within the shows themselves.

    • Done the same 5 years ago. I watch maybe 3 hours of Antenna TV a week. Gave up football the same time. I never had cable or satellite. I use Netflix, & Amazon Prime. I watch What I want to watch not what they want to force down my throat. Vote with your money.

  2. Three words: National. Football. League. Okay, two more: Roger Goodell. Okay a few more: Brainless, politically correct pseudo-football fans.

  3. From FPM–“The fact that the super bowl, the very symbol of American identity, sanctioned Beyoncé’s performance demonstrates that the mythology of institutional racism and the war on police just reached a new level of incitement. The signs are everywhere. There has been a tremendous increase in anti-police graffiti and desecration of fallen officer memorials. There have been 9 new incidents of police memorials being vandalized since I wrote about this in September 2015. Symbolic violence precedes actual violence. Making martyrs and folk saints out of criminals like Mike Brown and Mario Woods inspires other disaffected youth to confront police. Similar to lone wolf jihadist terrorists they know that they will be glorified by protesters and activists and live forever in murals and social media campaigns. Giving validity to false narratives, creating a hero mythology of convicted cop killers and glorifying domestic terrorist groups that target and assassinate police as civil rights movements has real life consequences. Beyoncé thinks it is hip and fashionable to foment racism and disrespect for police yet she did not turn down a highway clearing police escort to the stadium. Apparently the diva is a BLM pretender. #Beyoncéslifematters.

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