Beyond Evil! Sanders, Warren Protest Beds for Migrant Children


Joining thugs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley in the Wayfair protest are two other leftists, fake Indian Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and dictator-loving Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT). All of these radicals issued statements Tuesday in support of the planned walkout by Wayfair workers at its Boston headquarters Wednesday. The walkout is also promoted by an employee group on Twitter — Wayfair Walkout. Their Twitter photo shows fists in the air.

The trolls have also been triggered to attack Wayfair and they are.

The protest is over the company selling beds to government contractor BCFS for migrant children held at the southern border.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

These awful extremists don’t want the children to have beds as part of their push for power. At the same time, they are attacking the administration for not providing basics to the illegals.

These Democrats are Stalinists, using boycotts and threats to gain power. The ultimate goal is to end all detentions.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted succinctly: Elizabeth Warren wants to decriminalize illegal immigration. Beto O’Rouke wants to tear down all existing border barriers. Could the stars of the 1st Democrat debate be any more extreme on immigration? They’re totally out of touch.

We would go further than Ms. McDaniel. These people are evil.

Rep. Mark Walker said Democrats have refused humanitarian aid 15 times. [Then they turn around and blame the administration for not providing humanitarian aid]

On Tuesday former Rep. Darrell Issa reported on The Evening Edit that they hate the President so much that they will not provide humanitarian aid.

Actually, I tend to believe as the President, they hate people on the right, not simply the President.

“This is the first time, and I served 18 years in the House, this is the first time that I’ve seen Democrats refuse to provide humanitarian aid because they hate the president more than they are concerned over the welfare of those people at the border,” Issa said.


There is nothing they can say that wouldn’t be met with disdain by the irrational, lawless Democrats.

  • Fire all Mayfair employees who walk out and replace them with illegal aliens, and give the illegals 25 percent more than the strikers and a revolver EACH to defend themselves.

    • Wayfair is going to go ahead with selling beds to government contractors in spite of the walkout. I say hooray for Wayfair! Do NOT give in to bullies.

      Meanwhile, those idiots who will walk out don’t care if those children at the border have beds or not. So long as they can say their evil piece. THESE ARE DEMOCRATS WHO PRETEND to care. SHAME ON THEM! I will be sure to browse Wayfair to see what I can buy from them.

  • Dems/RINOs are responsible for ALL problems at our open border, not Wayfair.
    NO child should have to sleep on a concrete floor, but is it being exaggerated? A lie? And the illegal parents endanger their children’s lives by bringing them on a long journey to sleep on concrete floors?!
    Build the wall and solve part of the problem.