Bezos’s Paper Torches President Trump Over Saturday’s Mass Killings


At such a terrible time in our history, we should be coming together as we did after 9/11 but the media can’t resist torching President Trump and everyone tied to him over something he had nothing to do with.

This is disgusting. There is no low that is too low.

The front page of Jeff Bezos’s paper is filled with hateful and unfair condemnation of the President. If anyone is to be condemned, they might look to the Obama administration that funded Iranians and okayed their quest to arm themselves with a nuclear bomb.

Sarah Sanders wants to know if there is any tragedy they won’t exploit and the answer is ‘no’.

The Washington Post and others don’t want to let a good crisis go to waste. They are accusing the President of neo-Nazi rhetoric on the front page and they continue to lie about Charlottesville.

In terms of Charlottesville, all Trump was trying to do was point out that the violent Antifa and BLM were no innocents and there were some good people in that Unite the Right group, which was true. Some innocent people didn’t realize what some in the group were about.

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