Biased Fox Host Thinks Accusations Are Facts, Due Process Is For Court


Viewers might see this differently given that it was a year before aide Rob Porter was fired, but the media appears to be stirring up a furor unnecessarily. They don’t seem to care about due process or facts. Accusations are now facts if it’s a preferred issue like #MeToo.

A biased Fox host went hard on a guest, a White House defender. Perhaps he is hoping for a job at CNN.

Leland Vittert [screenshot]


President Trump believes the #MeToo movement is getting out of hand. He believes it ignores due process.

The President did not take Porter’s side as the media claims. He said Rob Porter did a good job and strongly denies the allegations by his two ex-wives.

This Fox News host Leland Vittert thinks allegations should be enough to ruin a person. He states as fact that the White House knew Rob Porter was guilty for a year, although he later admits he doesn’t know what’s going on.

At one point, he says the Daily Mail did their investigation in a week. Seriously? The Daily Mail is a reliable source and that’s adequate due process?

People need to look askance at anything that ignores due process whether it’s in court or in the court of public opinion. A Hollywood producer just killed herself over allegations. She did have bipolar disorder but that’s the point. No one knows what other people are dealing with and all care should be taken to have the facts.

No one really knows what is going on in the White House or with Rob Porter. Two angry wives aren’t proof, they are presenting evidence.


The President is bashed no matter what he does. Yesterday, he told the press that Rob Porter did a good job and strongly denies he is guilty. The press came away from that saying the President took Porter’s side and didn’t express sympathy for the women.

If he had expressed sympathy for the women, wouldn’t that have been taking sides? His statements about Porter didn’t show him taking sides.

The President is again in trouble with the media and being misrepresented. Today, he tweeted a fact:

Lives are being destroyed and most are unproven. We should never dismiss the right of all people to have a fair hearing, even in the court of public opinion. We haven’t heard from Mr. Porter and he’s wise to stay silent. The press is out to get him and won’t give him a fair hearing.

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