Biden aide says his gaffes are “charming,” standards are “unfair”


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s ridiculous and scary gaffes are just “part of his charm,” according to Kate Bedingfield, an aide for the Democratic 2020 contender suggested.

She wants the press to stop applying an “unfair standard” to Joe Biden. People flub, it happens all the time.

That’s what she claimed in an MSNBC appearance about the 76-year-old Democratic presidential candidate who often doesn’t know what building or even what state he is in. His gaffes are well beyond innocent flubs that everyone makes. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about all the time.

Bedingfield said, “I think the press has to be more careful about applying an unfair standard to Joe Biden than they’re applying to other candidates. If you listen to what the candidates say all day as they’re out campaigning, they’re out in front of cameras, they’re in front of people, they’re talking all day. Everybody’s going to slip up and misstate a name or a date or a location. It happens all the time.”

It’s not charming to have a 2020 presidential candidate who has to tell his audience at Loon Lake that he’s “not going nuts” while trying to remember where he was right before. He knew he was somewhere on the school campus.

Nice try though Kate! What else can she say?

They tried to stick a candidate on us who would fall splat on the pavement and had to be hoisted into vans and now they want us to accept a candidate who is in no way up to the job of President because of possible dementia, brain damage, who knows. He’s older but I know plenty of 76-year-olds and older who are sharp. We all do, I bet.

Here’s a Nice Compilation:

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