Biden at the town hall! Better get Hillary back, she’s in better shape!


Biden said at the town hall tonight that if President Bolsonaro doesn’t go along with his climate change mandates, he will threaten the Brazilian President.

A far-left activist called out Joe Biden over his scheduled fundraiser tomorrow with a fossil fuel executive. Biden said he is not a fossil fuel executive, but that’s a lie. He is a fossil fuel executive.

Broken blood vessels are appearing in his eyes as the town hall proceeds. They better get Hillary back. She’s in better shape.

Another shot of Biden’s eye:

While Biden suggests AOC doesn’t go far enough on specifics, he adds he’s not opposed to it. She doesn’t go too far, he says.

He wants more trains to nowhere as in California to get rid of cars.

He stupidly thinks China will cut emissions. Lots of luck with that Joe.

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