Biden Blames Republicans for Ukraine Losing Another City


In what world does it make sense to leave our border wide open to anonymous, unvetted people from all over the world, including people who come from countries we are at war with or who just hate us? Then, on top of that, the only thing the fearless leaders care about is Ukraine.

Ukrainians had to pull their forces out of Avdiivka, and the Russians have taken it over. Joe Biden, always politicizing everything, blames Congress for not giving more than $60 billion to Ukraine.

All Republicans asked was for Biden to follow immigration law to stop the flow of illegal aliens across our borders.

Joe Biden does not care in the least about his country or the trafficked children and women, the drugs pouring in, or the crime building in the cities. This must be what he meant by Build Back Better.

It takes a certain soullessness to leave a border open for political purposes, with no concern for the public, and then blame the people who didn’t do any of it. He’s the master of gaslighting.


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