Biden Blames “Right-Wing Trolls” for His Creepy Photos


Joe Biden is blaming right-wing trolls for the creepy photos of him affectionately kissing heads and engaging in unwanted Eskimo kisses.

The Biden camp is blaming “right-wing trolls” from “the dark recesses of the internet” for the photos showing Biden creeping on women.

“These smears and forgeries have existed in the dark recesses of the internet for a while,” Russo said. “And to this day, right-wing trolls and others continue to exploit them.”

While we admit some of these photos are morphed, most come from mainstream media. And it’s important to note that all this started with a Bernie supporter, Lucy Flores. The progressives are behind this. They don’t want an old white man unless it’s Bernie the communist.

It’s never been a secret that Biden likes to put his hands on people and get into their private space.

The 2020 candidates attacking Joe for his close contact are progressives Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, and Bernie Sanders the commie who said he wants “to fundamentally change the culture of the country.” Far-left Kirsten Gillibrand says his behavior is “not okay.”

His first accuser last week, Lucy Flores said, Biden shouldn’t run with the “changing culture right now.” They really do think exactly alike. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

The progressives fear he won’t be far-left enough, but he will rule from the far-left. But maybe not far enough for Flores.

The Biden creep news comes from the right at times, but also from the left, including, The Cut (progressive), Politico, C-Span, the White House, NBC News, Time Magazine, Today – who described him as famously friendly, Playbuzz, Gawker, and more — pretty much everybody at one time or another. He is that weird uncle who embarrasses you every holiday.

At least one person loves his creepy space invasions. Mika said on Morning Joe today that it would be “sad” if Biden didn’t hug or kiss her or hold her hand.

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