Biden Bullying His Own Party Members on Gun Control in Colorado

Joe Biden leading the way in Colorado, he's watching them.
Joe Biden leading the way in Colorado. He’s watching them.

When anti-gun Democrats are not out campaigning against their own Democratic pro-gun candidates as Bloomberg is doing in Chicago, they are out bullying them into putting up prohibitive laws. That is the case in Colorado according to the Washington Times.

Mr. Biden called a handful of Democratic legislators from swing districts to push them into supporting the strict gun proposals, including universal background checks for gun transfers and a 15-round limit on ammunition magazines.

“I was totally surprised,” Democratic state Rep. Tony Exum of Colorado Springs told Fox affiliate KDVR-TV. “He [Mr. Biden] just said he’s watching us and asked if we had a chance to move these bills forward and said what an important signal it would send to the country if we do.”

Biden hinted that if the laws aren’t passed Obama will decree it via Executive Action.

Gun laws, immigration laws, and cap & trade will all be passed by Executive Action and Obama will continue to spend without a budget in violation of the law. We no longer have a balance of powers.


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