Biden Can’t Remember Where or When Re: Shootings, But Knows They’re Trump’s Fault


On Sunday evening, Slow Mo Joe Biden, couldn’t get either the where or when of the weekend’s mass shootings correct.  While at a big donor fundraiser in a private home in San Diego, the Democrat front runner mistakenly referred to, “the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before.” 

Actually, the first tragedy was in El Paso, Texas on Saturday.  The second, was in Dayton, Ohio the following dayMaybe it’s a case of all Texas cities and the Mid-Western States just running together in the mind of forever D.C. dweller Biden.  Or maybe it was just a kind of time-line dyslexia where the former veep transposed the information presented to him.

But, in spite of fully misstating the relevant facts about the murders, Slow Mo is certain about one thing.  They’re Trump’s fault.  

A clear-minded person might wonder how Biden could be so wrong about the most fundamental info on the shootings, but right about Trump. 

And this fellow is leading the pack of Democrat presidential candidates?  OMG.



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