Biden Flipped on Hyde After an Actress Agitator Called


Joe Biden changed his views on the Hyde Amendment after taking a call from…wait for it…Alyssa Milano, the crazy Marxist actress. That’s pathetic. He’s pathetic. The good Catholic valued her opinion more than God’s!

The Hyde Amendment bans federal taxes from paying for most abortions. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU want the Hyde Amendment and all conscience restrictions gone.

Watch as they mention the Milano call:

Biden did the same thing with the Green New Deal — he went very far left. With Obamacare, he wants to offer a public option and universal care. If he does that, kiss private insurance goodbye.

It is clear that he has no moral core, no convictions and will do whatever he is told to do by the far-left.

Joe Biden, the Good Catholic, the Staunch Catholic, the Deeply Religious Man said back on May 8th that he would lift the Hyde Amendment. He supported the Hyde Amendment for 40 years.

Then on Wednesday he said he would not abolish the Hyde Amendment. The New York Times reported on Wednesday that his staff confirmed he still supports the Hyde Amendment.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has shunned today’s Democratic Party orthodoxy on issues from crime to compromising with Republicans, again broke with his party’s base and many of his campaign rivals on Wednesday when his campaign confirmed that he still backs the Hyde Amendment, a measure that prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion with exceptions for cases involving rape, incest and when the life of the mother is in danger.

On Wednesday, his campaign suggested Biden didn’t understand the question and never meant to favor repeal of Hyde (the campaign said Biden thought he was being asked about the “global gag rule”). This isn’t getting any better for him.

Biden didn’t know the difference between Hyde and the global gag rule? That really makes him look ridiculous, but, then again, he is ridiculous.

That all changed Thursday after he got off the phone with Alyssa Milano.

He now claims federal taxpayers will be needed to pay for abortions for minorities because GOP governors are passing harsh abortion laws.

Biden blamed Republicans for the flip flop and his staff, claiming they misunderstood him when they said on Wednesday that he still supported the Hyde Amendment. There is no shortage of people to blame for his mistakes.

But then, after Alyssa called, by Thursday evening, Biden reversed his stance. He said at a gala that he does not support Hyde. However, he added that he makes “no apologies for the last position.”

Also, absurdly, he said there was more money years ago, but now there is not as much money? Huh? He was cheered for saying he will force people to pay for abortions {even those who see abortion as murder will be forced to pay for the murders. Biden will be as fascist as the Democrat Party wants him to be.

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