Biden Gaffes for Friday


Joe Biden wants to send social workers into the homes of the poor because he doesn’t think the poor know how to raise children.

We don’t need detention centers, according to Joe. He’s gone full-blown open borders.

Narco-terrorists, sex traffickers, ISIS are all banging down our doors. There is NO vetting. Why in the world would Joe think terrorism is “minimal?” It’s not what DHS thinks and frankly, we don’t know how bad the situation is. What we do know is we probably have a couple of million anonymous people coming in illegally each year and at the same time, we have Hezbollah and Mexican drug operations in the United States. We also have a lot of child rapists pouring in because the sanctuary cities protect them no matter what they do. Take Montgomery Country, Maryland as an example. They had six child rapists this month alone.

As we reported yesterday, Biden keeps telling different variations of a war story but never reports the facts honestly. His response to that is, the “essence” of the story is accurate.

Then he says moronic things.

And moronic things.

He will give away whatever the hard left tells him to give away.

This is a lie and he has to know it. The facts have been explained.

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