Biden Gives Ukraine a $225M Package


Uncle Joe is in France and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Paris on Friday.  Whenever he meets with Zelensky, he gives him more borrowed money or weapons that need to be replaced. The funds are put on the taxpayer’s charge card.

When Uncle Joe announced a new aid package for Kyiv, he apologized for Washington’s delay in providing weapons. It was a slam at the GOP, who tried to get the border closed in lieu of funding.

Biden announced that the United States would provide Ukraine with a new $225 million package. This package would provide Kyiv with more serious weapons, such as air defense interceptors and artillery ammunition, as it looks to fight off Russian advances.

“I assure you the United States is going to stand with you. We are still in, completely,” Biden told Zelensky.

“I apologize for those weeks of not knowing what’s going to pass in terms of funding because we had trouble getting the bill that we had to pass that had the money in it from some of our very conservative members who were holding it up.”

He said it was very important for the U.S. to stand with Ukraine like the allies in WWII stood “shoulder to shoulder” together.

“The Ukrainian people have been incredibly brave, never given up, never even yielding, and it’s impressive,” Biden told Zelensky. “We’re not going to walk away from you.”

Biden’s speech in Normandy about democracy suggested that D-Day veterans would want the US to stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression against Ukraine today.

Meanwhile, French President Macron wants to form a coalition of soldiers to train Ukrainian soldiers in Ukraine. So far, Germany has refused.

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