Biden has a $5 trillion climate proposal to add to our $22.3 trillion in debt


The Biden plan will reportedly cost more than $5 trillion [Tucker said it’s $6.7 trillion] and would put the U.S. on the path to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 [net zero is not possible]. Biden claims $1.7 trillion would come from federal taxpayers and the other $4 trillion would come from “investments” by private sector companies.

That reeks of instant corruption by special interests who will cozy up to the government. If history is prologue, the $4 trillion will come from the taxpayers., and it will be a lot more than $5 trillion.

The waste and fraud in European solar and wind power programs are well-known. There is no reason to think it will be different in the United States. There is also no evidence these moonbats have a clue as to how to deal with the changing climate and they don’t really know what is causing the change in climate or if it is a crisis at all.

Their entire solution to a problem without evidence except for computer models is to regress entire civilizations. Climate change globalists have only one solution — conservation. They haven’t any evidence that conservation will solve whatever they have decided needs to be solved.

Biden’s plan calls for hiking the average fuel economy for vehicles to 54 miles per gallon, expanding tax credits for electric vehicles, and installing half a million more public charging stations by 2030. His plan calls for net-zero emissions by 2050, long after he is dead. Biden and the rest of the moonbats will not have to answer for what they have done to the economy and our standard of living.


Biden’s plan hinges on tax breaks, direct spending, and federal regulatory power. He’d start with reversing many actions of the Trump administration, which itself sought to roll back a range of Obama administration efforts on energy and the environment. Biden would add an aggressive push on the world stage, using U.S. political and economic muscle to limit emissions from other nations, including China.

He acknowledges how such an overhaul would affect existing U.S. energy market workers, coal miners, and power plant operators especially. He calls first for pension and benefit protections for all such workers; and, though short on specifics, he promises an “unprecedented investment” in retraining and redevelopment programs for those communities.

Biden’s plan also focuses on how “pollution disproportionately affects poorer, mostly nonwhite communities.” This, along with Biden’s plan for coal miners, is seen as necessary adjustments to Hillary Clinton’s climate platform from 2016.

This is supposed to be “middle ground,” but it’s hardly that.

Biden cleverly made it about race. His plan is similar to the one that is ruining France. The people riot every weekend in France and have been doing so for months. President Macron lives in luxury while the people are buried under high unemployment, rising prices and prohibitive climate change taxes.

Once we are on this nebulous road, it will be the beginning of the end as the communists and socialists demand more and more conservation and higher and higher taxes.

Then there is the problem of Joe Biden in charge of it. I wouldn’t trust him with my finances, much less the nation’s.

We are finally energy independent and these losers want to destroy all that.

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