Biden heckled badly at 2nd New Hampshire event


Joe Biden was heckled at his second New Hampshire event in grand style. The angry man screamed, “Don’t touch kids, you pervert! The truth is going to come out, buddy!”

Another protester asked Biden where the money he and his son earned through Ukraine is, prompting him to assert that he has released 21 years of tax returns.

According to this One America News report, Hunter Biden is facing new accusations of money laundering from Ukraine in the ongoing court case against an alleged mother of his child. A court filing shows that Hunter may have earned $156 million from Ukraine corruption.

I wouldn’t take this to the bank just yet. But, one thing is certain, this needs an investigation before Joe Biden can become president.


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3 years ago

Joey needs to get used to it IF he “is going” to be president. President Trump has been “heckled” every day for three years.

3 years ago

Is he in a high school cafeteria or something? It’s embarrassing. Just like 2016 when Hillary could barely fill a small room while Trump had overflowing stadiums back then. (Trump’s stadium rallies are even more overflowing now).
Trump won in 2016 DESPITE how much the machines were rigged against him.
In 2020 they’re going to steal it outright.

3 years ago

Do the Biteme tax returns list the hidden bank accounts in the Cayman, or other offshore, banks? Or, maybe, in the Ukraine. Nah. That’s not how that works. Hidden means hidden, with the help of the corrupted government agencies.
The kicking and screaming from the left has begun. Get used to it. It’s just gonna get louder the closer we come to election ’20.
Just sayin’.

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
3 years ago

It’s an outrage that his party has made such a corrupt person the front runner, they did the same with Hillary.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

He and Pelosi allowed members of their to get rich.