Biden LAUNCHED on a Charlottesville hoax that even CNN says isn’t true


CNN’s Jake Tapper undoubtedly doesn’t like defending President Trump on anything, but he did by fact-checking his colleague Jim Acosta who repeated a popular lie. Presidential hopeful and sanctimonious Joe Biden launched his campaign on the same lie.

President Trump never said he thought neo-Nazis and white supremacists are “very fine people.” He said the opposite.

The attack was a hoax, yet sleazy Jim Acosta decided to repeat it. His own colleague fact-checked him.

To make matters worse, the former Vice President and presidential hopeful Joe Biden launched his campaign with a video making a big deal out of the lie, presenting it as truth. People will soon discover that Biden is a liar and a plagiarizer. This doesn’t come as a surprise to many of us.

The following clip includes the President’s actual comments.

The President was correct. There were innocent people on both sides and troublemakers on both sides. The left had the nasty Antifa and Black Lives Matter along with innocents. The right had some vile KKK bigots and neo-Nazis along with people who just want their history to be their history.

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