Biden promises no quality healthcare & radical de-carbonized transportation


Joe Biden finally explained his healthcare plan and it’s a doozy. He actually said it won’t be quality healthcare!

Vote for Joe!

The public option won’t be quality, but it will be affordable. If people want quality, they will be able to pay for it, he said.

Joe is past his prime and needs to be sent out to pasture, but none of the other candidates are any good either. The Democrat Party is in a sorry state.

Joe will “absolutely, yes” radicalize the food systems and radically de-carbonize our transportation.

He’s an aged mess. People 100 years old can speak better than him.

He sounds like he’s drunk most of the time.

Biden has no one at his events and it’s no overflow crowd. They’re lying.

But, don’t worry Trump haters! Tolerant, civil, all about love, Joe is going to make Trump “feel the pain.” He seems to be running for schoolyard bully instead of the presidency. It is painful listening to him make a fool of himself. It’s sad. He allegedly told Barack Obama he was too old to run for office and he is.

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