Biden promises to put men in women’s prisons if they feel like a woman


Joe Biden has done a 180 on every value he claims to have had. His latest switch puts women in danger although he says he’s a big proponent of women’s rights. Joe wants to imprison male convicts that identify as female with women.

“In prison, the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is not what in fact the prison says it is.”

This is a presidential candidate who cares more about pleasing a small number of people over safeguarding the welfare of female prisoners. He obviously doesn’t give a hoot about women. This is a candidate who will put women in danger.

Does Joe have a clue as to the sexual abuse that is part of prison life? This could easily become a way to game the system.

The more logical thing is to have separate housing for transgenders. If they have had the surgery transitioning to another gender, that’s a different issue to be considered. It’s not what he’s talking about.

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