Biden says, ‘Hell, Yes,” he’d appoint Obama to the Supreme Court


Unfunny comedian Stephen Colbert asked questions of Joe Biden during a lightning rod interview this week. Colbert asked the top Democratic presidential candidate if he would appoint Obama to the Supreme Court.

“Would you appoint him to the Supreme Court?” Colbert asked Obama’s former vice president.

“Hell,” Biden replied, as the audience broke into laughter and applause.

“Yes,” he added, grinning.

[What a thought.]

“I don’t think he’d do it,” Biden noted, admitting that “he’s fully qualified” as Colbert interjected that Obama taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School.

Actually, that’s not exactly right. While Obama claims he was a professor, he was a senior lecturer who never published a single law paper, and he never published the book he promised the University of Chicago as part of his employment.

Obama didn’t care about the Constitution, he only cared about race. As the New York Times explains, Obama the lecturer taught three subjects only: “race, rights, and gender.”

As Karin McQuillan writes at American Thinker: He is on record – literally, a radio interview done when he was a lecturer – slamming the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution because they never tried to invent a right to “redistribute wealth” – a failing he describes as a “tragedy of the civil rights movement.”  Obama laments the constraints on government power (what we would call liberty) imposed by our Constitution.

We saw how qualified he was when the Supreme Court overturned nine of his rulings and, most agree that others, like DACA and DAPA, are unconstitutional.

Giving consideration to the type of people Obama would appoint to the Supreme Court, never Trumpers should be discouraged from voting for him or refusing to vote.

Go to 3:38 (at about 4:15 he gets a little confused):

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