Biden says he’s a “big boy!” Vote for him!


Joe Biden didn’t like being fact-checked in real-time, especially when he fibbed in Iowa. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy did just that when he said he is drawing the biggest crowds of anyone.

“What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town and I’m drawing as big of crowds, or bigger than anybody,” Biden told gathered reporters in Iowa on Tuesday. “Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me in this state?”

Peter Doocy responded, saying,  “yes.” Doocy said he saw Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. draw a bigger crowd when she visited Des Moines, Iowa, in January.

Doocy said Joe Biden didn’t like it.

“The vice president didn’t seem to like that because a few minutes later, he singled me out,” Doocy told Bret Baier on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

Biden defended himself by calling himself a “big boy.”

“I mean, I know you, I know you’re going to go after me no matter what I’ve got. Yeah, you and it’s OK. Good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it,” the former vice president reportedly said.

He then added, “And it’s OK, it’s good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it. But … I notice you didn’t ask me why I’m ahead in all the polls still. I notice you didn’t ask me how I feel about the new CNN poll.”

Oh boy, he’s losing it.

Also this week, he said RFK and MLK Jr were assassinated in the 70s and then, talking about political activism in the 1960s, claimed: “None of you women would know this.”

The best you can say about him is he’s a dinosaur, and a ‘big boy,’ of course.

How can they pawn this man off as a legitimate presidential candidate, much less the lead candidate?

Fake News CNN says he is at 29% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters saying they back the former vice president.

That’s up 7 points compared with a late June CNN survey.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is at 15% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is at 14%. California Sen. Kamala Harris stood at 17% support in the June poll but now has the backing of 5% of potential Democratic voters. Buttigieg is behind her. These polls probably don’t mean much, but besides the fact that they’re all pushing socialism to different degrees, they are trying to push a candidate who is grandly showing his age.

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