Biden sent Black men to jail while his son’s record was expunged


Joe Biden has been speaking to small groups and tiny crowds, confusing states and dates, and has just been outed once again as a hypocrite — in a big way. Still, his wife thinks Donald J. Trump is afraid to run against him.


The Washington Examiner reported that Joe’s son Hunter was arrested on drug charges in 1988 and his record expunged at the same time daddy Joe was pushing for tough penalties for drug offenders — penalties that mostly affected minority men.

According to congressional records, Hunter was arrested in Stone Harbor, New Jersey in June 1988. Hunter was 18 at the time.

That was kept under wraps all these years.

The Examiner reported, “Republicans have recently highlighted Hunter Biden’s drug abuse, questioning why it was not taken into account when the lobbyist was appointed to a $50,000-a-month post on the board of the Ukraine oil company Burisma in 2014, when his father, as vice president, was the Obama administration’s lead official on Ukraine.”

Why do Lori Loughlin and her husband have to go to prison for paying to get their daughters into college while Joe roams free and could become president?

While his son got off, this is what Joe thought appropriate for others:

Jill Biden is delusional. She said President Trump is afraid to run against her husband Joe. Uh…we don’t think so. She then went on to speak to her son’s good character, meeting no resistance from the interviewer.

Former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday could not remember when the Obama administration wrote a particular executive order so he came up with the year 1976.

Speaking in New Hampton, Iowa on Thursday, while stumping on his Malarkey tour, He struggled to remember the year Barack Obama signed an executive order and came up with 1976.

“There’s the Dreamers program, there’s also a program that said we’re not going to separate families, we’re going to allow families to stay together while they go through the process, and the Court said you can’t..We did that in 1976,” he said.

He’s a lousy politician, said so himself:

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

He can’t keep his programmed lines together

Curtis Bartley Jr
Curtis Bartley Jr
3 years ago

Biden is a crook a liar and a communist also a traitor who like little girls jumping on his lap sick piece of dirt bag.