Biden Wednesday Gaffes


Joe Biden has more than a gaffe a day. It’s sad. He should retire and stay home, enjoy his family.

Joe Biden appears to have forgotten his former boss’s name. How soon they forget. It’s Hussein, Joe, Hussein.

Joe said he spent a lot of time in South Carolina because of his “great, great friend” Fritz Hollings. Fritz was a big segregationist, and this was hours after he promised not to talk about his past segregationist friends.

This is more a gaffe or a lie from Biden’s communications person. Biden has handfuls of people, teeny crowds at his events. It’s simply not true.

Where in the world does he get the idea the economy isn’t doing well? It’s doing extremely well. It didn’t do well under him and is boss, what’s his name.

Oh, this is great. He’s doing a marvelous job already with foreign relations. The Japanese are “xenophobic.” That’s a nice thing to say. They aren’t, but they do like to maintain their sovereignty and their culture.

In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Biden is still in the lead with the old red diaper baby hot on his heels, followed by the fake Indian. The descendant of nasty slave owners is in fourth place.

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