Biden Will Give Every Parent an $8000 Child Care Credit & the Freebies


Joe Biden told the audience of the South Carolina Democratic Convention something he has said before so we are reasonably certain he means it. On the first day he assumes office, he will raise taxes by repealing President Trump’s tax cuts and close on $500 billion in tax deductions. Democrats like to call the deductions, ‘loopholes.’

Biden claims he will reward work over wealth but, what he is not saying is repealing the tax cuts would be a tax on the middle class.

He is going to take the money he “saves” and instead of paying some bills, he will spend it. His plan includes an $8,000 per child credit for child care that comes off the top. He will increase Title I gifts of tax dollars, pay for universal pre-K for his preferred groups, raise teacher’s pay, pay for all special education and double the number of school psychologists, guidance counselors and nurses to support public school systems.

Sleepy Joe will give free healthcare to every illegal alien who pops in the door.

Not that the politicians have noticed, we have a $22.3 trillion deficit and a $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

That will grow big government enormously and put a lot of the educational decisions in the hands of big government. They will need more agencies to handle all this. Every time you add federal agencies, you turn power over to unelected bureaucrats who answer to no one. There is no accountability in big government. It distances the people from its government and gives them little or no say in running it. Bureaucrats are not answerable to the people.

Every Democrat wants to grow big government enormously.

Where is Joe BiteMe going to get all this money? We don’t have money now. The U.S. borrows money to exist.

Elizabeth Warren plans a 2% wealth tax to fund universal childcare, universal college, end student debt, and still have a trillion dollars left to spend. That’s absurd, and wealth taxes never work.

Bernie plans to give free dental, vision services, long-term care, all healthcare services with no co-pays and he will give it to all illegal aliens because they are humans. And, get this, it will SAVE US A LOT OF MONEY.

That sounds familiar. It too is absurd.

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