Biden’s Barely Running But Gets to Take a Lot of Private Plane Rides


‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden promised he would not take money from Super PACs but now that he’s running out of money — seemingly desperately so — he’s flip-flopped.  He will take the money after all.

His campaign is suffering, partly because he doesn’t have big financial backers or online donors.

Biden might not be the best money manager either. His biggest expense, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars of late, has been his trips on private jets.

His campaign manager claims they’re fine.

“We will have the resources we need to execute our plan,” campaign manager Greg Schultz wrote in the memo, obtained by The New York Times. But he simultaneously exhorted the money-raisers to do more: “We’re asking you to dig deep,” the Times reported.

The campaign only has $9 million on hand and is spending more than they take in. Hard-left Senators Bernie Sanders ($33.7 million) and Elizabeth Warren ($25.7 million) have far more.

This past week, his campaign didn’t even bother to buy the web address for his Hispanic voter campaign and President Trump scooped it up, making a parody account out of it and linking to his Hispanic voter website.

Sometimes Biden’s campaign looks half-hearted due to issues like the aforementioned.

Former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe finds the financial situation “very alarming.”

If Joe Biden doesn’t make it, it could tank the election for other top Democrats. According to BuzzFeed News, there is a rule that senators cannot campaign during an impeachment trial and who knows how long that will go on.

Half of the Democrats running for President are senators, including the leading Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“Under the Senate’s current rules, all senators must be in session Monday through Saturday, starting at around noon each day. The trial may last several weeks — Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial lasted five — thus taking several candidates off the campaign trail the month before the primaries start,” BuzzFeed reports.

We’re not even sure Joe is still running. He seems to like the plane rides in private jets but he doesn’t even prepare for his speeches. He babbles meaningless talking points or he spreads misinformation.

Democrats are in trouble with Biden stumbling. President Trump is in trouble too with the star chamber impeachment inquiry, but Democrats are far-left now, not all that popular a position. And they have a weak candidate as numero uno.


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