Big, Breaking News Undercuts Ford’s Accusation & Media’s Retelling


Update at the end

Wow. “Before her name became public, Ford told…” That is WaPo admitting that it had the name and had Ford’s response to what would clearly be a Keyser denial, but NEVER PUT IT OUT THERE. Again, why? A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer.

Kimberly Strassel, editor at the Wall Street Journal pointed to major contradictions on Twitter that appear in the Blasey Ford version of the party where she was allegedly assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.

The “big, breaking news…further undercuts the Ford accusation as well as the media handling of it,” Strassel writes.


Ford says there were four boys, then three boys and a girl. The therapist says four boys. WaPo says four boys even after they tell Mark Judge it’s four boys and a girl. Why?

Ms. Strassel received an email that Washington Post [WaPo] reporter Emma Brown sent to Mark Judge, one person Ford claims was at the party. The email is dated Sunday, September 16, 2018. The email wants a comment from him.

The subsequent story would reveal Christine Ford’s name, and give details of the supposed “assault.”

One part of the email to Judge reads, “In addition to Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge, whom she called acquaintances she knew from past socializing, she recalls that her friend Leland (last name then was Ingham, now Keyser) was at the house and a friend of the boy named PJ.”

WaPo reported it was four boys even after they knew it was three boys and a girl.

There are two big reasons that matters, for both Ford’s credibility and WaPo’s, Strassel writes. The subsequent WaPo story would go on to cite Ford’s name and details, and also list notes from a therapist that Ford told this to in 2012. Read carefully what WaPo reports, the same day it emails Judge: “The notes say four boys were involved, a discrepancy Ford says was an error on the therapist’s part. Ford said there were four boys at the party but only two in the room.”


In other words, WaPo reported publicly that Ford says it was “four boys,” and they did so even after the WaPo reporter tells Mark Judge that Ford had told her it was three boys and a girl.


The first, huge problem is this was just a week ago, and we have Ford giving two different accounts of who was present. Four boys. No, three boys, one girl. Either way, therapist notes from 2012 definitively say four boys, which Ford didn’t dispute. But now… a girl!

[Ford said the therapist made a mistake about who was in the room. The therapist wrote it was four boys. Ford says two boys were in the room, four at the party.]


The other problem is WaPo’s reporting. Ms. Strassel writes: The reporter has for a week had the names of those Ford listed as present. One is a woman. Yet it writes a story saying, FOUR BOYS. Why? Maybe a mistake. But if so, why did WaPo never correct that narrative?

In its most recent update tonight [Saturday night], WaPo writes, “Before her name became public, Ford told The Post she did not think Keyser would remember the party because nothing remarkable had happened there, as far as Keyser was aware.”

Wow! “Before her name became public, Ford told…” That is WaPo admitting that it had the name and had Ford’s response to what would clearly be a Keyser denial, but NEVER PUT IT OUT THERE. Again, why? A lot of people have a lot of questions to answer,” Ms. Strassel writes.


We digress from Ms. Strassel’s account here to state that the fourth witness, Mrs. Keyser denies ever seeing Brett Kavanaugh at any party she attended and she does not know Brett Kavanaugh.

The female witness said through her lawyer, “Simply put,” her attorney Howard Walsh said, “Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

Perhaps it’s time or past time to look into Mrs. Ford. If the reports about the Yearbook comments are accurate, Mrs. Ford was the party girl and Judge Kavanaugh was the “boy scout”. That’s just for starters


Washington Post political editor Aaron Blake says there is an error in this report. He tweeted: “The email you quote describing 3 boys and 1 girl never claims that was an exhaustive list of people at the party. These were simply the people Blasey Ford identified by name. They have said multiple times there were 4 boys and 2 girls at the party.”

There were six people? In her letter, Blasey Ford said, there were four others in addition to her. That comes to five.

Ms. Strassel would like to know why they sat on the name of Ms. Keyser.

She added that it is all very convenient. “In any event, we all stand ready and waiting for WaPo to identify the now mysterious “sixth” person at the party. “Six” people conveniently makes Ford’s numbers add up. But without a name, it’s just that… convenient”

In addition, the “Emma Brown email to [Mark] Judge certainly doesn’t name a sixth person. Presumably, because Ford hasn’t/can’t provide a name for that sixth person?

Senator Orrin Hatch might have the accurate number. He said his information is that there were five at the party at them and a sixth person had knowledge of the party. The sixth person was Cristina King Miranda whose claims were bogus. She recanted.


Female Witness Named by Blasey-Ford Comes Forward

  • Are we to believe a professor of Psychology, with all her options, could wind up picking a therapist who would mis-record one of the most critical details of Ford’s alleged trauma?
    No. Ford’s story just continues to become less believable, which is why her “supporters”, in an effort to drown out the facts, feel they need to scream louder,

  • Doesn’t it seem odd that Ford “knows” she was 15 yet can’t specify the year it happened. Doesn’t she know in What year she was 15.

  • Another little tidbit, WAPO ” In a brief interview at her home in Silver Spring, Keyser said that she did not recall the party, but that she was close friends with Ford and that she believes Ford’s allegation.” but in the letter Keyser’s attorney wrote to the judiciary committee it does not say “she believes Ford’s allegation” that’s very important, I have read these written statements by the attorney’s for those mentioned by Ford are taken under oath!!!!