Special Interests Wrote the Newly-Passed Net Neutrality



Net Neutrality, the secret bill to takeover the Internet, has passed. The Internet is now a public utility. Barack Obama has once again ignored the law and has not been stopped.

He has control over the Internet. Big evil corporations and special interests helped write it instead of Congress – the peoples’ House.

Agencies -unelected bureaucrats – were never meant to write our laws.

You government sheep who allowed this to happen forgot that the Congress is our voice in the government. You are turning it over to big corporations and the government.

Google, a big, evil corporation, saw Net Neutrality rules when the public was not allowed to.

Tech dirt, a publication that loves government-run Net Neutrality, made that clear in January:

Now that the Title II tide has shifted without Google’s help, the company has re-entered the discussion to once again support meaningful net neutrality rules. We noted a few weeks ago that Google told the FCC in a filing that Title-II based rules could actually help their Google Fiber deployment by streamlining the utility pole attachment process. Now in a conversation with the Washington Post, Google has made its clearest public statement in years regarding support for Title II net neutrality rules:

“The sort of open Internet rules that the [Federal Communications Commission] is currently discussing aren’t an impediment to those plans,” Google said in a statement, “and they didn’t impact our decision to invest in Fiber.”

In other words, the Net Neutrality rules we were not allowed to see were shared with Google.

You know they, along with other special interests, helped write the d@mn thing.

Politico reported that Wheeler tweaked the new rules to accommodate special interests. They had to have seen the language obviously.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has made some last-minute revisions to his net neutrality plan after Google and public interest groups pressed for the changes, according to sources at the commission. Google, Free Press and New America’s Open Technology Institute last week asked the commission to revise language they said could unintentionally allow Internet service providers to charge websites for sending content to consumers. Such a scenario could open the door to an avalanche of new fees for Web companies and threaten their business models.

We the people were not allowed to see the rules.

Instead of consumers deciding how the Internet will function, the big government, big corporations and other monied special interests will decide. They can now do anything they want.

Expect a huge government apparatus to handle it all.

Buffering, regulations, taxes will now control the Internet. Blogs that don’t tout the company line will disappear into the outermost limits of cyber space.

People who have money and power will help the government run things.

Randolph J. May, president of the Free State Foundation, wrote in The Hill that the new rules “will discourage private-sector investment and innovation for many years to come.” May suggested the FCC will also face even greater “special interest pleading” from companies fighting for exemptions and privileged treatment under the new rules.

Political thought will be controlled. This will be a Fairness Doctrine for the Internet.


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