Big GOP Scandal, At Least Politico Would Us Like to Believe It is


Politico thinks they have the scoop of the century. It’s front page material for them. For me, it’s a no-never-mind.

Politico has the exclusive on a nothing story about GOP freshman swimming in the Sea of Galilee on their trip to Israel last year (August 2011).

Some might have been drinking as a reason for swimming, some wanted to cool off and still others wanted to swim because of the religious significance.

One Rep. from Kansas, Kevin Yoder, took off his clothes and jumped in. So they’ve got him on skinny dipping with his wife nearby. I think execution would be appropriate. Actually, all I could think of was my brother-in-law after a couple Johnny Walker Blacks – he’d be one of them to my chagrin.

The other swimmers did not skinny dip. There were no reports of sexual improprieties and at least one daughter swam with Dad (clothed).

Were they being silly,  improper and inappropriate? Absolutely! Off with their heads!

I’m glad Politico is taking this seriously as the economy is crashing and Iran is getting a nuclear bomb. They at least know how to set priorities.

Majority Leader Cantor reamed them all out the next day. Appropriate and adequate punishment.

Politico made a point of saying that the FBI probed the incident and apparently had little interest in it. The skinny dipper, Rep. Yoder, the only offender, was not interviewed by the FBI. Case closed.

I don’t doubt that the lamestream is disappointed the FBI didn’t carry this further but what would be the charge? Swimming while being a congressman? Yoder could be charged with exposure I suppose but since no one was offended, I don’t think it’s an FBI matter.

All the liberal lamestreamers picked up the story. I love the phrasing WaPo used – “at least one GOP Freshman swam nude” as if there was evidence of more than one swimming nude.

President Obama won’t talk to the press corps but he will talk with People magazine. Maybe this is why. They are really doing the same puff pieces.

I’d rather not see my congressmen lose decorum and I definitely don’t want to see them nude, well, okay, maybe some of them.

It’s so much less important that Pelosi won’t let us see the bills until they’re passed and Reid won’t put a budget before the Senate. Yes, it’s all about priorities for Politico and their fellow reporters who got the phone call to publish the same dumb story.

My final word on this is WHO CARES???

Read the dopey story here.


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