Big Labor Makes Millions Off VA While Veterans Wait for Medical Care


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While our veterans are put on long waiting lists and while some die waiting for medical care in what appears to be a corrupt system, hundreds of union members were getting paid to do union business.

In addition to giving bonuses to workers, we also pay labor union officials to push Big Labor’s leftist agenda during work hours.

“Official Time” is the euphemistic term for union officials using work time and tax dollars to coerce more government workers into paying dues.

The VA isn’t the only government agency that uses “Official Time: but they were by far the largest user of “Official Time.”

The Washington Examiner reported:

VA is by far the largest user of official time. It paid its top union employees more than $42.5 million to do almost 1 million hours of union work in 2011, the last year for which figures are available from the Office of Personnel Management.

The veterans’ agency listed 271 employees who were on full-time release in 2012, including 174 health care workers. VA was unable to give a breakdown of hours or a list of other employees released from their jobs on less than a full-time basis.

The IRS, the agency that can’t even keep track of emails but can target conservatives, paid out $23.5 million for union “Official Time”.

In total, for last year alone, “Official Time” cost taxpayers over ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Rep. Jeff Miller wants union reps using “Official Time” to be sent back to their regular jobs.

Sen. Rand Paul has a bill – the Federal Employee Accountability Act (s.785) – which would prohibit this practice. It would also eliminate forced-dues activists from harassing employees.