Big Labor Turns Away Nonunion Volunteers from Hurricane-Ravaged New Jersey


Unsurprisingly, Big Labor put itself before the welfare of the people in New Jersey and are turning away volunteer help because they are nonunion workers.

Governor Christie? Where are you?

They don’t care about the people when all that overtime is staring Big Labor in the face to say nothing of the fact that they despise nonunion labor. Thuggism at its best.

Volunteer utility crews from North Alabama will be working to help restore Long Island, New York instead of the storm ravaged New Jersey because the volunteers are nonunion and Big Labor said, “Thanks but no thanks,” to quote one worker.

Crews in Virginia are ready to go to Seaside Heights but were told to stand down and a crew from Trinity is already heading home because of Big Labor.

Hunstville Utilities were not turned away and are working in storm ravaged New Jersey. Read more at

If you are surprised, remember the violent union behavior in Wisconsin when their collective bargaining was threatened. They didn’t want the automatic withdrawal of funds from workers’ paychecks stopped. They need that money to buy political influence.

The same thing goes on in many government unions, particularly the teachers’ union.


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