Big News! Collins & Flake Weigh In on FBI Report


Susan Collins, one of a handful of Republicans who will determine the fate of Mr Kavanaugh, said an FBI probe into his background appears to have been “a very thorough investigation”.

Shortly afterwards, Jeff Flake, another Republican whose vote has been in question, said “we’ve seen no additional corroborating information”, against the 57-year-old judge.


CNN’s Jeremy Herb caught up with Senator Susan Collins, a crucial swing vote, after the senators briefing on the FBI report.

Sen. Susan Collins, a crucial swing vote, after a briefing on the FBI’s Kavanaugh report: It “appears to be a very thorough investigation.” Collins also indicated she would read the report in full later today, CNN reported.

Jeff Flake says there is “no evidence” in FBI report against Brett Kavanaugh.

This is a great sign. These two critical fake-Republicans appear ready to side with the Republicans.

CNN’s Manu Raju reports that this comment from Collins is “hugely significant” as it suggests that she is satisfied with how this investigation went, making it clear she’s siding with the Republicans on that key question about whether or not this investigation was done thoroughly and completely.

“She believes it has,” Raju just said. “Now, what does that mean for her vote? We don’t have final answer on that yet.”

All poll signs indicate that this smearing of Judge Kavanaugh backfired. The House polling shows Republicans are within the 2% margin.


True to form, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein wanted to move the goal posts and are very unhappy that the probe wasn’t longer.

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