Big News! Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Identifies as a She/Her


Pandering fake Indian Elizabeth Warren is a she/her. That will be good news to her husband. She obviously wants to let transgenders know that she is one with them.

If they tell her there are hundreds of genders, she is ready to enshrine that into laws, right after she destroys capitalism and takes over the banks.

There are two genders, male and female, scientifically speaking, and she is irrational.

Democrats have gone very far left. The Tea Party and Conservatives are just not that far-right and the Republican party has NOT moved too far right. Democrats, on the other hand,  have embraced communists, socialists, and anti-Semites who hate the USA.

They want to destroy our principles, crash our economy, and demonize our Founding. They have already erased our borders. It is the left that has gone over the edge.


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