Big News! NY Times Fabulists Say Justice Kavanaugh Told Them to Lie!


The NY Times fabulists Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who have spun tales about Justice Kavanaugh out of whole cloth, now claim they were going to interview Justice Kavanaugh but couldn’t accept the terms. According to them, the Justice wanted them to lie and say they never met with him.

These two women are now the victims!


They blamed the NY Times editors for leaving out the fact that the ‘victim’ doesn’t remember the event and is not a victim. Yet they continued the lie when they spoke with NPR so how is that the editors’ fault?

They also suggested strongly that the victim didn’t remember because she was drunk. Mind you, they have no knowledge that is the case.

According to a statement Pogrebin made on The View, when the editors left out the critical information, they immediately jumped on it.

“As soon as we realized this, we corrected it.”

Uh, no. As Mollie Hemingway pointed out, they did NOT correct it during an interview with NPR on Monday and, of course, the interviewer had no interest in challenging them in any way.

The entire interview left out every piece of evidence disproving the stories of these women. Even the new evidence they themselves uncovered was omitted; and, that is, the Blasey witness, Leland Keyser, said she was threatened and was told to corroborate Blasey’s story or else.

This is how Pogrebin, on MONDAY, described the story of the victim who couldn’t remember the event:

You know, basically, we have this one other allegation that has never been reported. It surfaced at the time, where there was another incident at a Yale party – it was a different party, but it was also freshman year – where everybody was drunk. Kavanaugh was with his friends in a group. His pants were down. And his friends brought him over to a woman named Tracy Harmon. Her married name is Joyce, so she’s now Tracy Harmon Joyce – and that a classmate named Max Stier, who now, well, kind of works in a nonprofit, good-government organization in Washington, remembers seeing Kavanaugh’s friends put his penis in Tracy’s hand. [He also served as a lawyer for Bill Clinton opposite Kavanaugh during the impeachment days and he’s a Democrat donor.]

Max Stier brought that story to members of the Senate at the time [No evidence that happened]. He also made the FBI aware of it and neither pursued it. Certainly, the FBI didn’t in any meaningful way. And Max Stier has, as a result, decided not to speak publicly about it, kind of feeling that he did his part in trying to make the appropriate authorities aware of what he observed at the time. And they didn’t pursue it, so he had no interest in resurfacing those allegations. But they came up in our reporting from a number of different directions. And they clearly do add sort of yet another layer to that kind of college experience that the Ramirez story describes.

There’s no layer! There is no victim, just one compromised witness to a roughly 35-year-old event. During this interview, these two act as if the Justice committed the assaults, as if it’s confirmed.


Pogrebin, whose mother Letty Cottin Pogrebin is a well-known feminist and social justice warrior, corrected NOTHING. That’s her first lie.

Secondly, as we said yesterday, she’s spreading around a VOX story claiming the story was true and Fox News is responsible for making it into a story.

Lastly, the story went up on Saturday afternoon. We only heard the truth during MediaBuzz Sunday morning and the authors had corrected nothing. It definitely was not corrected immediately. It was corrected after the news went out on Fox and National Review Online. The New York Times correction went up late Sunday night although National Review reporter John McCormick notified them 12 hours before [They wanted to get the most out of the soundbite. This was a concerted effort to spread lies it seems]

Mollie Hemingway has the factual timeline exposing their lies on this link.

They also lied about seven witnesses keeping silent and have not corrected that lie.

Pogrebin tweeted an awful tweet to get attention and cowardly evaded questions asking if she sent it out. Finally, she had to admit she tweeted it out.


Appearing at a National Press Club event in Washington D.C., Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, the co-authors of the book “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation,” said Kavanaugh was willing to sit down with them, but ultimately fell through because of his demand.

“Brett Kavanaugh agreed to talk to @katekelly and @rpogrebin for their book – If they wrote that they didn’t talk to him,” National Press Club president Allison Kodjak tweeted. “The authors – who told the story tonight @PressClubDC, refused and walked away from the interview.”

The two women repeated it here.

There is more to this story. Maybe he said he’d talk off the record or maybe it never happened at all. They’re liars and calling him a liar conveniently fits into the narrative being pushed by Democrats who called for impeachment. They went from ranting about his ‘sexual abuse of women’ to he’s a liar and lied under oath. They have egg on their face and are covering it up.

The Twitter dwellers are ripping Justice Kavanaugh apart based on this latest tale and treating it as fact, as you can imagine.

Senator Kennedy responded, but Sandra Smith is a bad reporter. She didn’t even know that the two women lied to NPR after saying they corrected the ‘mistake,’ watch:

We have to stay with this story and see what they come up with next. Mollie Hemingway has done an outstanding job of staying on top of it. She’s a hero.

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