Big News! United States Is Allowed to Have a Lawful Immigration System


The House fully funded the President’s plan to add another 10,000 refugees from Syria even though we can’t vet them. The omnibus will bring in nearly 300,000 Muslim migrants in the next 12 months alone, including roughly 170,000 who will be permanently resettled within the country. Illegal immigrants from the southern border continue to pour in including tens of thousands of children, some of whom are getting caught up in the sex trade which is becoming an increasing problem in the United States. Forty percent of people here illegally have jumped visas but our administration doesn’t track them or know where they are. If they leave, it’s because they choose to leave, it’s not because our government has taken action.

We don’t have a lawful immigration system but there is no one to stop Obama’s lawlessness. The elite are doing whatever Obama wants.

Senator Jeff Sessions told Lou Dobbs Friday that Americans “have every right” to insist on a lawful immigration system. Did you ever think that someone would even have to make that statement?


LOU DOBBS: “Joining us tonight, it is Senator Jeff Sessions. He is a member of several key committees, including budget, armed services and the judiciary. Senator, great to have you with us.

As we are watching what is happening in Europe, as we watch the EU being merkelized, if you will — for some reason, the chancellor has just [indecipherable] the doors of Europe open. It wasn’t necessarily her choice to make, but she made it. And we’re watching, again, another surge of illegal immigrants across our border with Mexico.

The president talking about as many as 300,000 Syrian refugees. What in the world? I mean, we listen to Donald Trump, to Ted Cruz, but we haven’t heard a clear plan. Your judgment about how important these issues are in this country, in this campaign?”

Sweden is going to deport 80,000 refugees in desperation. Finland is joining them. Finland is planning to deport two-thirds of the 32,000 who poured in. They hope to contain the crisis at a time when our president is opening our doors. Obama isn’t helping people and he is siding with foreigners over Americans. It’s about furthering his agenda and Americans’ safety be d*mned.

SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS: “Lou, it’s very important. And to have an extremely liberal country like Sweden take this kind of strong step is an indication of when people are involved and have their voices heard policies can change.

So, I believe this country has got to understand, we cannot be the nation that accepts everybody from any war-torn area of the world. It just cannot be. And we need to try to help and help these refugees at their homeland, are close to home, and try to help them get back home as soon as possible.

But American people want a lawful system of immigration. They want one that serves their interest, that protects their jobs, their families, their safety, their hospitals, their schools and they have every right to ask for that. And they need to know where each one of the candidates are. And I hope in these debates that the candidates will be asked — they need to be asked how they stand on it.”


Even Merkel will close Germany’s border to Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans and will also prevent migrants from bringing their families to join them for two years.

The Daily Mail UK posted a story about the Swedish town of Mölndal where a 22-year old worker was murdered. The town was ruined by massive migration.

Crime figures reveal there were 222 criminal complaints linked to migrant centers – between October 20 2015 and January 8 this year.

In Finland, militia groups patrol the small towns but publications like the NY Times say they are far-right bigots patrolling.


Whatever the extent of reported incidents by migrants, some have had enough, forcing officials to send migrants home and tighten borders. At the same time, Barack Obama is opening up our borders to potentially dangerous people who have trouble assimilating. It’s not only that, terror groups have warned that they will come here to infiltrate our political system and take us down.

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