Big Problem: We Don’t Believe the Jihadis When They Say They’re Going to Kill Us



The problem with this administration goes beyond not using the term, “radical Islam”. These people don’t even believe jihadis when they say they want to kill us for Allah.

FBI Director Jim Comey said this week that he doesn’t see what the FBI could have done differently in the investigation of the Orlando terrorist.


How about keeping the Orlando jihadi on the terror watch list and responding when a gun store owners says he’s suspicious of the jihadis purchases?

Jihadis say they are going to kill people for Allah and we don’t believe them? The second they say their accusers are Islamophobics, the FBI runs for cover.

This is the same honorable FBI Director who allows word like “sharia” and “Islam” to be taken out of the training manual.

New York Times columnist David Brooks, who once said he could tell Obama was presidential by the crease in his pants, said that he’s not “comfortable” using the term “radical Islam”. Muslims, he believes don’t become terrorists when they get more faithful.

Actually they often do. It’s the nature of sharia law.

Reminds me of Maxine Waters who once said sharia law is consistent with our Constitution. People saying otherwise are bigots and Islamophobes according to her.

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and New York Times columnist David Brooks joined Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics on PBS Saturday, including reactions to Sunday’s mass shooting in Orlando and whether President Obama should use the term “radical Islam”.

Why are we even discussing this? It’s a distraction. Of course, we should call it what it is so we can address it.

Brooks said Hillary Clinton had the best response to the shooting because she combined the gun issue, the gay issue, and the Islamic radicalism issue.

She actually sounds like someone with an addled brain. It was radical Islamic terrorism, period and her answer were purely political.

“I support all this legislation, but I’m not sure it would be super effective,” the so-called conservative NYT writer said of a recent gun control talk. “This guy was actually looked into by the FBI. He actually had checked. And it’s just very tough to predict human behavior.”

Tough to predict? The guy said he was going to kill people for Allah and he was out buying bulk ammo and body armor, or trying to. His Facebook page was filled with jihadi-this and jihadi-that.

These loons believe a 220 lb. guy with a  crew cut who says he’s a woman and they believe a woman who says she’s a man, but they don’t believe a guy who says he’s jihadi and he’s going to kill people.