Big SCOTUS Win for Trump Administration on Immigration


The Supreme Court this morning gave the Trump administration a big victory on immigration law after being challenged by the ACLU. What is sad is that it is even a question. The ACLU is no friend to the Republic.

The ACLU was trying to limit the government detention of criminal illegal immigrants. The ACLU wanted to force them to detain the criminals for certain crimes within 24 hours of their release from prison. Since sanctuary jurisdictions don’t notify ICE of their release, they would release a lot of criminals the ACLU says aren’t that bad into the interior.

But the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 ruling, essentially said that the government can pick and detain these criminal immigrants whenever they want.

The Democrat Justices voted to free the criminals. Democrats want criminal aliens to roam the country. That is what they want.

Here’s more from Reuters:

“It’s not the court’s job to impose time limits…”

The ruling, authored by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, left open the possibility of individual immigrants challenging the 1996 federal law involved in the case, called the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, on constitutional grounds – their right to due process – if they are detained long after they have completed their sentences.

The law at issue states that the government can detain convicted immigrants “when the alien is released” from criminal detention. Civil rights lawyers for two groups of plaintiffs argued that the language of the law shows that it applies only immediately after immigrants are released. The Trump administration said the government should have the power to detain such immigrants anytime.

It is not the court’s job, Alito wrote, to impose a time limit for when immigrants can be detained after serving a prison sentence. Alito noted that the court repeatedly has said in the past that “an official’s crucial duties are better carried out late than never.”

Alito said the challengers’ assertion that immigrants had to be detained within 24 hours of ending a prison sentence is “especially hard to swallow.”

The ACLU and their adoring fans on the hard-left want certain crimes ignored by the government in general in the case of people here illegally.


To prove my point, The Miami Herald reports that according to a ruling by Obama-appointed federal Judge Beth Bloom, it is not a crime for an illegal alien to use fake federal documents to obtain a state license.

In the case of a roofer who was busted for using fake immigration documents, the Miami federal judge Beth Bloom threw out the charges on a highly technical legal argument and opened the doors for the other illegal aliens caught in the bust to not only beat their cases, but maybe also get to stay in the United States.

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