Big Secret! There’s No Evidence of a Trump Crime



The impeachment farce continues behind closed doors with promises of future transparency, but not until the Democrat soundbites float around the Internet universe a while longer, doing damage. Right now, it’s a purely partisan play. Not one Republican voted for it.

Sometimes President Trump contributes to his own bad press, like when he mentions investigating Americans on a phone call with a foreign leader. Attorney General Bill Barr is investigating. He doesn’t need the President’s help.

The President is understandably angry and wants justice for what he believes was done to him, but he needs to give it time.

On the other hand, we don’t see a crime here, especially given the fact that Democrats did interfere in 2016, Joe Biden bragged about extortion, and the U.S. has a treaty with Ukraine that allows it. If there is a crime, the Democrats are not talking.

Evidence could turn up. It hasn’t yet.

Meanwhile, the Democrats proceed in secret with whistleblowers who hide from public scrutiny and testimony only Democrats can leak as it suits them.

People who are objective won’t like seeing civil rights and the rule of law give way to partisanship, no matter who is doing it.


Certain newspapers — like The Washington Post — will publish and cherry-pick the testimony for the Democrats.

Brit Hume pointed to a fallacy in their reporting. He linked to a WaPo article and wrote, Vindman was “deeply troubled by what he interpreted as an attempt by the president to subvert U.S. foreign policy…” Most people knew right away that the fallacy is that a bunch of unelected bureaucrats get to set foreign policy. That is not true. It is the province of the President.

Since then, WaPo has expanded on its first fallacy, and in doing so, they are acting as agents of the Democratic Party.

As an aside, today, under ‘opinion,’ Greg Sargent claims to demonstrate Trump’s propaganda by claiming he ordered Republicans to produce their own “doctored” transcripts, then admits he didn’t exactly say that, and then posts a tweet from the President which clearly doesn’t say that. Sargent then goes back to call the President’s tweet propaganda and insist he sees “corruption,” “commands” to falsify transcripts, and attempts to discredit honorable people giving testimony while calling Rep. Lee Zeldin a “slavish Trump lickspittle.”  It may be opinion but it represents WaPo quite well.

Mr. Sargent is bitter about propaganda, but WaPo is one big propaganda machine.


People who back down can’t change the corruption in D.C. but a tough fighter like Trump can, which is why he was elected. That does come with its downsides but for millions, it’s worth it.

The economy is great, stocks were at a record high this morning, ISIS has been pummeled into the ground, the Kurds are safe, al-Baghdadi isn’t, minorities are getting jobs, we haven’t added any more Middle East or Venezuelan war notches on our belt and are getting out of other wars, impartial constitutional judges are in our courts as opposed to activists, the excessive regulations of the government state have been cut, and he says he will work on the excessive spending in his second term.

Give him credit, and frankly, some people probably do deserve the monicker, ‘human scum,’ although we don’t like the phrase. Hearing the battles gets tiring and the President risks battle fatigue among some of his followers.

We have to take the good with the bad. We have seen the unraveling of enormous corruption in our government and our people are doing better economically. Religious people have rights and we are talking about the rule of law, especially at our borders. If we have to suffer through some mistakes, so be it. It’s time to bring back law & order, Trump gets that.

The crime the President committed is getting elected. Swamp critters don’t like that.

Republicans might be winning on the secrecy argument:

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