Big Spender Dems Are Holding Our Hardworking Kids Hostage….Really!


Democrats, led by an increasingly petulant president using irresponsible, ugly language have called the loyal opposition all kinds of nasty names.  It seems the Republican’s sin lies in their cautious approach to raising the ceiling on our national debt.  That position apparently makes it perfectly fine to characterize them as “terrorists”, or “hostage takers” looking to “blow up the government”.  The party of compassion claims GOPers are running around and “putting a gun to the head” of their fellow countrymen.

This attempt to assign some of their own manifestly unacceptable behaviors to others is a textbook example of what psychologists would call  projection.  In this case the unacceptable behavior  is taking people hostage.  What makes their assault even worse is….it’s our hardworking kids big spending Democrats are holding captive!  Yes, these hypocritical pols are holding our children for ransom. The payment demanded for their freedom is $123,000 per child.

baby debt

The $123,000 represents every working American’s share of our national debt. Yet it’s the Democrat’s stated goal to continually increase that breathtaking, six figure amount, even though they clearly understand our heirs will suffer the consequences of this massively overdrawn credit line.  You know how we know that they know?  Because they said so.

Here are today’s two biggest players, who’ve spouted some of the most outrageous charges against the GOP, talking about raising the debt ceiling….back when they were against doing it.

Senator Harry Reid had this to say, “How can the Republican majority in this Congress explain to their constituents that trillions of dollars in new debt is good for our economy? How can they explain that they think it’s fair to force our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren to finance this debt through higher taxes. That’s what it will have to be.”

Senator Obama was even more strident.  Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

Just a few years ago, old Heartless Harry (Why would we want to help kids with cancer?) Reid was waxing emotionally on behalf of not only children and grandchildren, but even great grandchildren!  He was all concerned about the looming, exploding tax burdens back then.  That’s  when U.S. indebtedness was about half of what it is in 2014.  Harry sure used to be a real good guy.

Mr. Obama did more than simply express great distress over the financial load being placed on future generations.  He went Reid one better by blaming sitting president George W. Bush. Now, however,  it’s fine and dandy he’s dug the hole left by his predecessor much, much deeper.  Hey, but that’s OK, because a fawning media has proclaimed him to be, “The One”.   It doesn’t matter it’s become increasingly evident he’s the wrong one.

Mr. President.  Majority Leader Reid.  Turn back the clock.  Flip back from your flip flop. Reconsider your extreme positions.  Stop terrorizing Millennials.  At the very least, reduce the ransom, and release the hostagesTake your loaded gun away from the collective heads of our hard working children! 

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