Big U.K. Leader Was a Communist Spy


Labour Leader Communist Jeremy Corbyn is attempting to move the U.K. further left. Next, to the Prime Minister, he is one of the most powerful politicians in England. As it happens, he appears to have been a Communist spy in the 1980s.

The Sun reported that his code name was COB. They don’t give code names to people willy-nilly. The information comes from unearthed files and they are damning.

Corbyn allegedly met up with a Communist spy and warned him of a clampdown by British intelligence. He was vetted by Czech agents in 1986 and met with them at least three times.

This was during the Cold War, making it even more egregious.

They obtained files that showed he didn’t like the USA and was positive towards Soviets and their “peace” plan.

Even in the U.K., that’s a criminal offense, but given the state of affairs over there, it’s unlikely anything will be done. As to be expected, Corbyn claims it’s a “ridiculous smear”.

Corbyn’s a Communist Now

He is obviously a Communist today. The proof is in his leadership.

After the London Grenfell fire, he wanted to seize private property to house the Muslim inhabitants who lost their apartments.

Corbyn is a friend to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and other extremists. His doppelgänger here in the U.S. is Bernie Sanders who campaigned for him. In the video, this kook declares his friendship for the terrorists.

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