BIG WIN! $11 Million Verdict for Gibson Bakery Against Oberlin College


The small Gibson family bakery laid off most of their employees and almost went bankrupt over false accusations of racism by Oberlin College. The family was just awarded $11 million for the malicious unjustified accusations made by the far-left college. What is important to note is this decision goes far beyond this bakery.

This is a big win and hopefully a turning point in what Americans will accept from fascists. The family went through three years of hell to win.

What happened is the Gibsons sued Oberlin after three black college students were arrested for stealing bottles of wine from the bakery in 2016, days after President Trump was elected. The youths also kicked and punched Allyn Gibson, the son of the bakery’s owner, David Gibson.

The punitive phase has not begun, but the jury can triple the $11 million award.

David Gibson reacts to the $11 million jury verdict against Oberlin College in the clips below after his 5-generation bakery was almost put out of business by false accusations of racial profiling: “The stress put on the family was terrific.”

The students admitted there was no racial profiling, yet Oberlin students launched mass protests in front of the bakery and pushed a resolution making the false allegation that the bakery, which has existed since the 1800s, has “a history of racial profiling and discriminatory treatment.”


The Gibson family

Owen Rarric, an attorney for the Gibsons, said Oberlin deserved to be smacked down by the jury.

“The jury saw that Oberlin College went out of their way to harm a good family and longtime business in their community for no real reason,” Rarric said. “And the jury said, ‘We aren’t going to tolerate that in our community anymore.”

All the Gibson’s wanted was a letter from Oberlin telling the truth and they wouldn’t do it.

Hopefully, this case will begin to change minds. It is a sad fact that the USA is getting nastier, especially with the advent of social media and since the Democrat Party decided to embrace the hard-left.

Oberlin deserves to pay up. They smeared and lied about a normal American family who not only did nothing wrong, they were the victims. The college professors were behind the mean-spirited and deceitful protests. The goal was to destroy the family and the bakery.

This case shows the disconnect between higher education and the American people, as Legal Insurrection explains.




  1. ‘We aren’t going to tolerate that in our community anymore.”
    Why did you EVER tolerate it? Once you give in to the thug creep lefties, it’s hard to dislodge them. This victory is a good start, but smokeless powder was invented for just this situation.

  2. If I cost my employer $11 million I would be fired. The decision to not write the letter had to come from the top.

  3. Pajama Boy will be crying in his soy latte while discussing healthcare over some Hotpockets that mommy brought down to the basement.

  4. “after three black college students were arrested for stealing bottles of wine from the bakery in 2016”

    Not only were they stealing, all three were assaulting the bakery owner when the police showed up. oberlin deserves to have it’s doors padlocked over their shameful response.

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