Big Win for Trump


trump win

In what can only  be described as a big win for Donald Trump, the Republican Party of Virginia has given up on a plan to make all voters in the upcoming GOP primary sign statements saying “I am a Republican” after weeks of pressure from supporters of real-estate billionaire and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Virginia has an open primary and anyone can vote for the GOP nominee.

Democrats will vote for the GOP nominee they think will lose in a national election and the GOP party thinks that’s Trump because his favorability ratings are hovering around 32% and over 60% dislike him according to the latest Gallup polls. That could change of course but it hasn’t during the elections season thus far.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that the state party has abandoned the plan.

In December, Trump called the idea a “suicidal mistake” and said the Virginia GOP was “working hard to disallow independent, unaffiliated and new voters.”

Trump is attracting people who have not voted traditionally as well as some Independents and right-wing conservatives who are disenchanted with the Republican Party.

Three black pastors – Trump supporters – filed a federal lawsuit against the Virginia GOP over the pledge earlier in January, according to the Washington Post. The party disagree, saying it presented “a far lower barrier to participation than in states that require party registration for voters participation in primaries.”



  1. As much as I dislike Trump, he seems as if he is the smartest one in the whole lot. I question Ted Cruz’s status as a “natural born citizen”, which is what our constitution calls for, but am tempted to vote for him in the primaries anyway. My girl, Pamela Geller, is backing Cruz. Btw, Donald Trump owes Geller an apology for the way he verbally chastised Pamela when the jihadists made an attempt on her life at her free speech contest.

    That being said, Trump is smart enough to fix this nation, IF that is REALLY his intentions.

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