BIG WIN! UC Berkeley & Janet Napolitano Surrender in Free Speech Case


Far-far-left U.C. Berkeley and its chief, far-left Janet Napolitano, have surrendered in an important free speech case. The case was brought by Harmeet Dhillon’s legal team on behalf of two conservative speakers — Ann Coulter and Ben Shapiro. The public university, in an effort to keep conservatives off campus, violated their free speech rights.

The violence of Antifa gave Berkeley an excuse to keep conservatives from speaking. Berkeley canceled events, charged unconstitutional fees and placed other unconstitutional restrictions on the speakers, using the excuse that it caused violence.

Berkeley’s response was so unconstitutional that Janet Napolitano and her far-left comrades would have been personally liable if the case against them was proven.

The university has agreed to zero fees and eliminated the unconstitutional policies, including the high-profile speaker policy and the security policy. Most importantly, students will no longer be able to shut down the speakers.

This settlement has broad implications. Public universities will no longer be able to shut out right-leaning speakers. It will help the left as well.

This is where Democrats want to take us — they want to eliminate free speech for those with whom they disagree.

Berkeley issued a very churlish response on the settlement claiming they did not lose. They said they didn’t do anything wrong, they are just settling it.

Make no mistake, they lost.



  1. Pfff “big win” my ass, how are they going to be punished? NOT AT ALL.
    Pff “big win” my ass, how much are they going to pay as a judgement? NOTHING

    No fking win at all, they simply walked away to attack someone else
    and they will continue to get away with it because of the satanic
    nature of pacifism that engulfs conservatives who refuse to
    go to war to wipe out these people by the millions.

  2. This could very well “force” them to use police action in preventing violence by the likes of Antifa and other groups. It could get interesting.

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