Big Wins In North Carolina, REALLY Good News from the Eastern Region


There is good news for Republicans in general according to a new Pew Research Center survey, showing 52% of Americans currently hold an unfavorable view of the Democratic party. That’s a 10-point spike from September 2018, when 42% viewed the party unfavorably.

The Republican Party unfavorability is holding at 52%.

Democrats are moving towards communism, euphemistically called socialism. The new direction should have those Democrat unfavorability numbers moving higher.


Two North Carolina districts are in the red column today and there is especially good news from the 9th district, which has been turning blue. The Republican won Cumberland County which is 35% black. That’s a big win.

Dan Bishop beat his opponent by just under two points but was only in the race for six months and his opponent was in for two years. President Trump and Vice President Pence helped turn it around by committing to help Mr. Bishop.

In addition, Bishop won Cumberland County by .3%. The county has a 35% black population. Donald Trump lost Cumberland County in 2016 by over 20,000 votes Tonight Republicans won it back. Some of these black Americans are voting for Republicans, others are staying home, disenfranchised by their own party. The President visited Cumberland and it made a big difference, according to Dan Bishop on Fox & Friends this morning.

The President also visited Bladen and Robeson counties with large minority populations.

Bishop won Richmond which is 60% white, 30% black, and 10% other. He almost won Robeson which is 32% white and 25% black.

Trump’s strong endorsement of Bishop and the strong economy are cited as reasons for the flip from blue to red in these areas.

In a Report from Working America, an AFL-CIO labor group, working-class voters in black areas in the eastern counties said they were concerned about jobs and the economy. A plurality said it didn’t matter which party was in power.


The 9th district was red for six decades but this race was close. It’s a once-solidly red district that is now up for grabs. We see this happening all over the country. If Republicans get their message out, it doesn’t have to be that way.

“Thank you to the good people of the 9th District!” Bishop said during his victory speech from Monroe, N.C. “… You guys and all the families across this district are why I do this and what I’m fighting for.”

On Tuesday, the president took some credit for Bishop’s win, stating via Twitter that the lawyer had asked him for help and “we changed his strategy together, and he ran a great race.”

Some political observers and McCready saw the race as another referendum on Trump’s presidency.

“This race could be the canary in the coal mine for what is to come in 2020,” the Democrat National Committee said in a fundraising email. “That’s exactly why outside GOP groups have poured over $6 million into my district.”

Now, the media is calling it an ego boost for the President.

The opponent McCready had a lot of ammunition claiming the other side was corrupt because of accusations of voter fraud in the previous election.


Voters in North Carolina’s 3rd District also took to the polls, electing Rep. Greg Murphy over Democrat Allen Thomas for the seat, which opened up following the death of Republican Rep. Walter Jones earlier this year.

With 61.7 percent of the vote, Murphy beat the former Greenville mayor who garnered 37.5 percent in the special election that was called following Jone’s death in February.

The result was expected as Murphy had been the favorite since winning a primary runoff in July. The lawmaker had finished first among 17 candidates in April but was unable to secure his party’s nomination outright by falling short of the required 30 percent of the vote.

The urologist won with strong endorsements from the House Freedom Caucus and President Donald Trump, who tweeted his support for Murphy last Thursday.

“We really need Greg in Washington,” the president said. “He is great [with] military, our vets, & your 2A. Strong on crime and the border, has had my total endorsement for a long time.”


There are deep concerns, however. The Soros-Obama-Holder court cases in red states contesting gerrymandering [only that done by Republicans] are winning, particularly in North Carolina. The Democrats are also pushing corrupt voting tactics like ballot harvesting.

And finally, the 9th district was way too close for comfort.

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