Bikers for Trump Roll Into Wisconsin And Some People Are Very Upset About It


bikers for Trump

photos via The Marshall Report

We report, you decide.

No one wants any violence at these Trump rallies but tell that to the leftists who cause it. There is now a group of thousands – allegedly – who will show up at every Trump event with the intention of stopping the violence. If they are true to their word, and will not engage in violence, many Americans will find they have more in common with these guys than the communists fomenting rebellion.

We all know that Soros and Soros types are paying for protesters to create havoc at Donald Trump campaign events. Well, the bikers of America have a solution. The mainstream news outlets are claiming that they are motorcycle gangs including Hells Angels but they appear to be motorcycle clubs of ordinary Americans. The Daily Beast called them Donald Trump’s Hells Angels and that wasn’t meant as a compliment.


The Bikers for Trump rolled into Wisconsin and some anti-Trump protestors/rioters are clearly upset. They think the First Amendment is only for the leftists.

Their Facebook page notes that “Patriotic Bikers, from all across the United States are planning to show up at ALL future TRUMP rallies to make sure that any paid agitator protesters don’t take away Mr. Trump’s right to speak. “Or interfere with the rights of Trump supporters to safely attend. WE SHALL NOT BE SILENCED!”


Trump has fully embraced them

Bikers for Trump, a 20,000-strong grassroots collection of motorcycle-riding supporters, has eschewed violence according to its leader. Some members however said they will cross that line if necessary to protect themselves or someone else’s life according to their posting.

Anonymous has taken them down, but not until almost 20,000 signed up.

The protesters who have gone to these rallies are largely communists and socialists along with paid shills from groups like Black Lives Matter, People for Bernie, the Revolutionary Communist Party, the OWS and so on.

The bikers say they are patriots and they plan to be at all the Trump rallies.

Chris Cox founded Bikers for Trump and eschews any violence. He is the leader and spokesman of the fledgling political movement, which aims to mobilize bikers as a legitimate, sizeable voting bloc and support Trump.

Cox defines his organization and this movement by the model biker citizen—law-abiding, politically engaged, family-focused people, not any motorcycle-gang stereotype.

“The bikers these days are nothing like what people have in their minds,” he said. “These guys are professionals, men and women, family-oriented people… And just because bikers want Syrian refugees vetted, and that we want to see a [border] wall built, that doesn’t make us racist.”

Nine out of ten bikers support Trump according to the Mr. Cox.

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  1. Once again true Americans stand up for equality. Thank a God we still have the kind of people in America that made this country free to begin with way back when. Cut from the same cloth of freedom. Thank you all.

  2. Way to go to Biker Veterans for Trump. It’s about time we respond to these dispicable protesters who attack police, burn cars and buildings and assault anybody that responds to their ignorant and viscious statements. All LIVES MATTER!!!

  3. I noticed when you guys were at rallys there was little coverage of protests. You helped more than you even know . Are you guys not going to New York or Cleveland to support Trump?

  4. Who cares if leaves are not in full bloom in the videos or pictures.? Do you know that bikers are going from milder climates, to reach the destinations?

    • Who cares if leaves are not in full bloom in the videos or pictures? Do you know that bikers are going from milder climates, to reach the destinations?

  5. If grass roots Americans stand up to Soros and his paid agitators, then it’s a great day for America! I truly hope that the powers that be do not try to turn this show of solidarity and support…AND FREE SPEECH into something it is not! Keep this on the front burner and stop the lamestream media from putting their spin on this.

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