Bill Barr: No Collusion, No Obstruction, Russia Interfered


The bar for obstruction of justice in impeachment cases is lower than for criminal charges. Robert Mueller left that charge open for Attorney General Bill Barr to determine. That is the charge Democrats pin their hopes on. There is no crime but they have already said their interpretation of what constitutes ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ does not require a crime.

However, in the case of Hillary Clinton’s legitimate crimes, she had no “intent” according to Comey and all Democrats. It’s a two-tiered system when it comes to Democrats.

Attorney General Barr summarized the report to be released at 9:30 am. Barr said that Robert Mueller didn’t leave the obstruction charge open to let Congress decide.

The special counsel found the President and his campaign were not involved in collusion with the Russian disinformation campaign. No Americans conspired.

The President and his campaign were not involved in the hacked Clinton emails.

That is the bottom line. The Russian government tried to illegally interfere in the U.S. election and no American colluded.

As to obstruction, the evidence on obstruction is not sufficient to warrant a criminal charge, Barr said. The context is important, Barr emphasized. The President was “scrutinized” before and during his presidency.

On obstruction, there was substantial evidence the President was frustrated by illegal leaks and endless speculation. At the same time, the President allowed the special counsel to complete his probe and gave unprecedented access and transparency. That weighs heavily against any obstruction case.

There were ten episodes that could lead one to conclude there was obstruction but Barr and Rosenstein did not find corrupt intent. The evidence of non-corrupt motives weighs heavily on an obstruction charge.

The President didn’t even assert privilege over sections he could have legally and justifiably done, which also weighed in his favor.

Barr plans to continue investigations, especially the IRA and the Roger Stone cases.

The only redactions were grand jury testimony, secret material, and information that would hurt peripheral people. He will allow some congresspeople to see the entire report unredacted except that which is banned by law.

The left has already started to tear Barr apart, claiming he supported Trump too much. Actually, Barr was even-handed.

After two years of damaging the President and ruining peoples’ lives, there is no there there. But it doesn’t matter to the left. Barr took a lot of arrows out of their quiver, but that doesn’t mean they won’t attack.

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